Mineplex config (contains binds)


By soulplexis 27 March 2019 17:17

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This is NOT made to bypass banwaves!!!
And the speed is about equivalent to AAC5BHop

AbortBreaking toggle true
AbortBreaking bind NONE
Aimbot Range 7.0
Aimbot TurnSpeed 160.0
Aimbot FOV 180.0
Aimbot OnClick true
Aimbot Jitter false
Aimbot toggle false
Aimbot bind NONE
AirJump toggle false
AirJump bind NONE
AirLadder toggle false
AirLadder bind NONE
AntiAFK toggle false
AntiAFK bind NONE
AntiBot Tab false
AntiBot TabMode Contains
AntiBot EntityID true
AntiBot Color true
AntiBot LivingTime false
AntiBot Ground true
AntiBot Air false
AntiBot InvaildGround false
AntiBot Swing false
AntiBot Health false
AntiBot Derp true
AntiBot WasInvisible true
AntiBot Armor false
AntiBot Ping false
AntiBot NeedHit false
AntiBot toggle true
AntiBot bind NONE
AntiCactus toggle false
AntiCactus bind NONE
AntiHunger toggle false
AntiHunger bind NONE
AtAllProvider MaxDelay 2142
AtAllProvider MinDelay 1785
AtAllProvider Retry true
AtAllProvider toggle false
AtAllProvider bind NONE
AutoArmor MaxDelay 75
AutoArmor MinDelay 50
AutoArmor InvOpen false
AutoArmor SimulateInventory false
AutoArmor NoMove false
AutoArmor ItemDelay 300
AutoArmor Hotbar true
AutoArmor toggle true
AutoArmor bind NONE
AutoBow toggle false
AutoBow bind NONE
AutoBreak toggle false
AutoBreak bind NONE
AutoBypass toggle false
AutoBypass bind NONE
AutoClicker MaxCPS 13
AutoClicker MinCPS 10
AutoClicker Right false
AutoClicker Left true
AutoClicker Jitter false
AutoClicker toggle false
AutoClicker bind NONE
AutoFish toggle false
AutoFish bind NONE
AutoLeave Health 8.0
AutoLeave Mode Quit
AutoLeave toggle false
AutoLeave bind NONE
AutoPot Health 15.0
AutoPot Delay 150
AutoPot OpenInv false
AutoPot NoAir false
AutoPot Mode Normal
AutoPot toggle false
AutoPot bind NONE
AutoRespawn Instant true
AutoRespawn toggle true
AutoRespawn bind NONE
AutoSoup Health 15.0
AutoSoup Delay 150
AutoSoup OpenInv false
AutoSoup toggle false
AutoSoup bind NONE
AutoTool toggle true
AutoTool bind NONE
AutoWalk toggle false
AutoWalk bind NONE
AutoWeapon SpoofItem false
AutoWeapon toggle true
AutoWeapon bind NONE
BedGodMode toggle false
BedGodMode bind NONE
Blink Pulse false
Blink PulseDelay 2257
Blink toggle false
Blink bind NONE
BlockWalk Cobweb true
BlockWalk Snow true
BlockWalk toggle false
BlockWalk bind NONE
BowAimbot Silent true
BowAimbot Predict true
BowAimbot PredictSize 5.0
BowAimbot Priority Direction
BowAimbot Mark true
BowAimbot toggle false
BowAimbot bind NONE
BufferSpeed SpeedLimit true
BufferSpeed MaxSpeed 2.0
BufferSpeed Buffer true
BufferSpeed Stairs true
BufferSpeed StairsBoost 1.87
BufferSpeed StairsMode Old
BufferSpeed Slabs true
BufferSpeed SlabsBoost 1.87
BufferSpeed SlabsMode Old
BufferSpeed Ice false
BufferSpeed IceBoost 1.342
BufferSpeed Snow false
BufferSpeed SnowBoost 1.87
BufferSpeed SnowPort true
BufferSpeed Wall false
BufferSpeed WallBoost 1.87
BufferSpeed WallMode Old
BufferSpeed HeadBlock true
BufferSpeed HeadBlockBoost 1.85
BufferSpeed Slime false
BufferSpeed AirStrafe false
BufferSpeed NoHurt false
BufferSpeed toggle false
BufferSpeed bind NONE
BugUp Mode FlyFlag
BugUp FallDistance 2.0
BugUp toggle false
ChestAura Range 5.0
ChestAura Delay 200
ChestAura ThroughWalls true
ChestAura VisualSwing true
ChestAura Chest 54
ChestAura toggle false
ChestAura bind NONE
ChestStealer MaxDelay 75
ChestStealer MinDelay 50
ChestStealer TakeRandomized false
ChestStealer OnlyItems false
ChestStealer NoCompass true
ChestStealer AutoClose true
ChestStealer AutoCloseMaxDelay 0
ChestStealer AutoCloseMinDelay 0
ChestStealer CloseOnFull true
ChestStealer ChestTitle false
ChestStealer toggle false
ChestStealer bind Y
CivBreak Air-Reset false
CivBreak Range-Reset true
CivBreak Rotations false
CivBreak toggle false
CivBreak bind NONE
ComponentOnHover toggle false
ComponentOnHover bind NONE
ConsoleSpammer Mode Payload
ConsoleSpammer Delay 0
ConsoleSpammer toggle false
ConsoleSpammer bind NONE
Criticals Mode TPHop
Criticals Delay 50
Criticals toggle true
Criticals bind NONE
Damage toggle false
Damage bind NONE
Derp Headless false
Derp Spinny false
Derp Increment 69.0
Derp toggle false
Derp bind none
Eagle toggle false
Eagle bind NONE
FarmKingBot toggle false
FarmKingBot bind NONE
FastBow Packets 20
FastBow toggle false
FastBow bind NONE
FastBreak BreakDamage 0.8
FastBreak toggle false
FastBreak bind NONE
FastClimb Mode Normal
FastClimb NormalSpeed 0.15
FastClimb toggle false
FastClimb bind NONE
FastPlace Speed 0
FastPlace toggle false
FastPlace bind NONE
FastStairs Mode AAC
FastStairs LongJump false
FastStairs toggle false
FastStairs bind NONE
FastUse Mode NCP
FastUse toggle true
FastUse bind NONE
Fly Mode AAC3.3.12
Fly VanillaSpeed 1.0
Fly VanillaKickBypass false
Fly MineplexSpeed 0.5
Fly NCPMotion 0.0
Fly AACSpeed 0.3
Fly AAC3.3.12-Motion 10.0
Fly AAC3.3.13-Motion 10.0
Fly NeruxVace-Ticks 10
Fly HypixelLatest-Boost false
Fly HypixelLatest-BoostDelay 750
Fly HypixelLatest-BoostTimer 1.25
Fly Mark false
Fly toggle false
Fly bind F
ForceUnicodeChat toggle false
ForceUnicodeChat bind NONE
Freeze toggle false
Freeze bind NONE
Fucker id 92
Fucker Instant false
Fucker ThroughWalls Around
Fucker Swing true
Fucker Rotations false
Fucker Surroundings false
Fucker Action Use
Fucker NoHit false
Fucker toggle false
Fucker bind N
Ghost toggle false
Ghost bind NONE
GhostHand id 54
GhostHand toggle false
GhostHand bind NONE
GodMode toggle false
GodMode bind NONE
HighJump Height 2.0
HighJump Mode Mineplex
HighJump OnlyGlassPane false
HighJump toggle false
HighJump bind H
HitBox Size 4.0
HitBox toggle false
HitBox bind NONE
IceSpeed Mode AAC
IceSpeed toggle false
IceSpeed bind NONE
Ignite Lighter true
Ignite Lava true
Ignite toggle false
Ignite bind NONE
InventoryCleaner MaxDelay 125
InventoryCleaner MinDelay 50
InventoryCleaner InvOpen false
InventoryCleaner SimulateInventory false
InventoryCleaner NoMove true
InventoryCleaner Hotbar true
InventoryCleaner RandomSlot false
InventoryCleaner Sort true
InventoryCleaner ItemDelay 0
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-1 Sword
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-2 Bow
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-3 Pickaxe
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-4 Axe
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-5 None
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-6 None
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-7 Food
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-8 None
InventoryCleaner SortSlot-9 Block
InventoryCleaner toggle false
InventoryCleaner bind Z
InventoryMove AACAdditionPro false
InventoryMove NoMoveClicks false
InventoryMove toggle true
InventoryMove bind NONE
ItemTeleport Mode New
ItemTeleport ResetAfterTP true
ItemTeleport Button Middle
ItemTeleport toggle false
ItemTeleport bind NONE
KeepContainer toggle false
KeepContainer bind NONE
Kick Mode Quit
Kick toggle false
Kick bind NONE
KillAura MaxCPS 13
KillAura MinCPS 11
KillAura HurtTime 10
KillAura Range 4.5
KillAura ThroughWallsRange 3.00
KillAura RangeSprintReducement 0.2
KillAura Priority Direction
KillAura TargetMode Multi
KillAura MultiMode Vanilla
KillAura Swing true
KillAura KeepSprint true
KillAura AutoBlock true
KillAura InteractAutoBlock false
KillAura BlockRate 100
KillAura AAC false
KillAura RayCast true
KillAura RayCastIgnored false
KillAura LivingRayCast false
KillAura Predict false
KillAura MaxPredictSize 2.0
KillAura MinPredictSize 1.0
KillAura NoInvAttack true
KillAura NoInvDelay 0
KillAura FailRate 0.0
KillAura LimitedMultiTargets 8
KillAura MaxTurnSpeed 180.0
KillAura MinTurnSpeed 180.0
KillAura FakeSwing false
KillAura SilentRotation true
KillAura RandomCenter false
KillAura Outborder false
KillAura FOV 180.0
KillAura toggle false
KillAura bind R
LadderJump toggle false
LadderJump bind NONE
LiquidChat toggle false
LiquidChat bind NONE
LiquidWalk Mode NCP
LiquidWalk toggle false
LiquidWalk bind NONE
Liquids toggle false
Liquids bind NONE
LongJump Mode Mineplex2
LongJump NCPBoost 3.0
LongJump AutoJump false
LongJump toggle false
LongJump bind NONE
MidClick toggle false
MidClick bind NONE
MoreCarry toggle false
MoreCarry bind NONE
MultiActions toggle false
MultiActions bind NONE
NoClip toggle false
NoClip bind NONE
NoFall Mode SpoofGround
NoFall toggle true
NoFall bind NONE
NoFriends toggle false
NoFriends bind NONE
NoJumpDelay toggle false
NoJumpDelay bind NONE
NoPitchLimit toggle false
NoPitchLimit bind NONE
NoRotateSet Confirm true
NoRotateSet ConfirmIllegalRotation true
NoRotateSet NoZero true
NoRotateSet toggle false
NoRotateSet bind NONE
NoSlow Sword Vanilla
NoSlow Consume AAC
NoSlow Bow AAC
NoSlow Soulsand false
NoSlow CustomReducement 0.6
NoSlow toggle true
NoSlow bind NONE
NoWeb Mode AAC
NoWeb toggle false
NoWeb bind NONE
Nuker Radius 5.2
Nuker ThroughWalls true
Nuker toggle false
Nuker bind NONE
Paralyze toggle false
Paralyze bind NONE
Parkour toggle false
Parkour bind NONE
PerfectHorseJump toggle false
PerfectHorseJump bind NONE
Phase Mode Clip
Phase toggle false
Phase bind NONE
PingSpoof MaxDelay 1200
PingSpoof MinDelay 1000
PingSpoof toggle true
PingSpoof bind NONE
Plugins toggle false
Plugins bind NONE
PotionSaver toggle false
PotionSaver bind NONE
Reach CombatReach 4.5
Reach BuildReach 6.0
Reach toggle false
Reach bind NONE
Regen Mode Vanilla
Regen Health 18
Regen Food 18
Regen Speed 0
Regen NoAir true
Regen toggle false
Regen bind NONE
ReverseStep Motion 1.0
ReverseStep toggle false
ReverseStep bind NONE
SafeWalk AirSafe false
SafeWalk toggle false
SafeWalk bind NONE
Scaffold Mode Normal
Scaffold MaxDelay 75
Scaffold MinDelay 65
Scaffold AutoBlock true
Scaffold StayAutoBlock true
Scaffold Sprint true
Scaffold Swing true
Scaffold Search true
Scaffold Eagle false
Scaffold PlaceableDelay true
Scaffold BlocksToEagle 1
Scaffold ExpandLength 1
Scaffold Rotations false
Scaffold KeepRotation false
Scaffold Zitter false
Scaffold ZitterMode Smooth
Scaffold ZitterSpeed 0.13
Scaffold ZitterStrength 0.072
Scaffold Timer 1.0
Scaffold SpeedModifier 0.8
Scaffold SameY false
Scaffold AirSafe false
Scaffold Counter true
Scaffold Mark false
Scaffold toggle false
Scaffold bind C
SkinDerp Delay 0
SkinDerp Hat true
SkinDerp Jacket true
SkinDerp LeftPants true
SkinDerp RightPants true
SkinDerp LeftSleeve true
SkinDerp RightSleeve true
SkinDerp toggle false
SkinDerp bind NONE
SlimeJump Motion 0.42
SlimeJump Mode Add
SlimeJump toggle false
SlimeJump bind NONE
Sneak Mode Legit
Sneak StopMove true
Sneak toggle false
Sneak bind NONE
Speed Mode Custom
Speed CustomSpeed 0.32
Speed CustomY 0.42
Speed CustomTimer 1.03
Speed CustomStrafe true
Speed CustomResetXZ false
Speed CustomResetY false
Speed AAC-PortLength 1.0
Speed AACGround-Timer 3.0
Speed CubeCraft-PortLength 1.0
Speed MineplexGround-Speed 0.65
Speed toggle false
Speed bind V
Sprint AllDirections false
Sprint Blindness true
Sprint Food true
Sprint CheckServerSide false
Sprint toggle true
Sprint bind NONE
SprintSpoof toggle false
SprintSpoof bind NONE
Step Mode Rewinside
Step Height 1.0
Step Delay 400
Step toggle true
Step bind NONE
Strafe toggle false
Strafe bind NONE
SuperKnockback toggle true
SuperKnockback bind NONE
TNTBlock Fuse 10
TNTBlock AutoSword true
TNTBlock toggle false
TNTBlock bind NONE
Teams ScoreboardTeam true
Teams Color true
Teams toggle true
Teams bind NONE
Teleport Mode AAC3.5.0
Teleport Button Right
Teleport toggle false
Teleport bind NONE
TeleportHit toggle false
TeleportHit bind NONE
Timer toggle false
Timer bind NONE
Tower Mode Packet
Tower AutoBlock true
Tower StayAutoBlock true
Tower Swing true
Tower StopWhenBlockAbove true
Tower Timer 1.0
Tower JumpMotion 0.41
Tower JumpDelay 0
Tower ConstantMotion 0.42
Tower ConstantMotionJumpGround 0.76
Tower TeleportHeight 1.0
Tower TeleportDelay 2
Tower TeleportGround false
Tower TeleportNoMotion false
Tower Counter true
Tower toggle false
Tower bind NONE
Trigger MaxCPS 13
Trigger MinCPS 8
Trigger toggle false
Trigger bind NONE
VClip Mode Teleport
VClip Y 5.0
VClip toggle false
VClip bind NONE
VanillaFly toggle false
VanillaFly bind NONE
VehicleOneHit toggle false
VehicleOneHit bind NONE
Velocity Horizontal 0.0
Velocity Vertical 0.0
Velocity Mode Simple
Velocity ReverseStrength 1.0
Velocity Reverse2Strength 0.05
Velocity AACPushXZReducer 2.0
Velocity AACPushYReducer true
Velocity toggle true
Velocity bind NONE
WallClimb Mode Clip
WallClimb ClipMode Jump
WallClimb CheckerClimbMotion 0.0
WallClimb toggle false
WallClimb bind NONE
WallGlide toggle false
WallGlide bind NONE
WaterFly Motion 1.0
WaterFly toggle false
WaterFly bind NONE
WaterSpeed Speed 1.15
WaterSpeed toggle true
WaterSpeed bind NONE
Zoot BadEffects true
Zoot Fire true
Zoot NoAir true
Zoot toggle false
Zoot bind NONE
chat &6MINEPLEX!
chat this config will definitely get you banwaved (the 24hour banwave so it's alright i guess)

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