AntiAim v2 (Updated 10/16/2019)


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Current version: 2.2 (10/8/2019, again)
2.2 Download: … v2.js/file (Outdated)
Download: … v2.js/file
Description: Alters player head rotations in various ways. It should be undetectable on most anticheats provided you don't do an invalid pitch
Credits: N/A
Changes in 2.1:
- Removed 00 mode, this can be done with Coordinate mode now
- Added "PacketAntiAim" mode which alters rotation packets even  when they are sent by modules. Normal AntiAim would alter based on your true aim ingame.
- Renamed "Method" to "NoSilentAim" because it's more accurate. It seems to function somewhat normally
- Added ShakeAmount slider
- Made the 'Yaw' and 'Pitch' options affect all modes
Changes in 2.2:
- Added VanillaDerp mode
- Added PreventHeadless which should prevent anticheat detection from having impossible pitch (Not tested on an anticheat! Be careful!)
- Changed ShakeAmount maximum value to 360 up from 100 (You can have higher shake amount now)
Changes in 2.3:
- added Spin mode
- added Spin2 mode
- added SpinAmount slider
Bugs and notes:
- YawAmount and PitchAmount affect the modes: Coordinate, PacketAntiAim and AntiAim
- The module only affects rotations when a look-packet is sent, so if you have Derp mode enabled you aren't constantly derping around, only when you move your head or any silent-aims happen.
- PreventHeadless prevents ANY headless rotations, regardless of the module. It even works with NoPitchLimit and Headless derp. Disable Yaw and Pitch and enable PreventHeadless to have the module act as a safeguard for invalid rotations. (Not tested against any anticheat)

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