LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b65


By Senk Ju 16 November 2019 14:41

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LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b65 has been released!

LiquidBounce b66 has been released. It just contains various hotfixes:

- Fixed FileChooser windows freezing the game
- Fixed font not being properly centered in NameTags
- Fixed .teleport command being duplicated
- Fixed bug which caused StorageESP mode shader to sometimes stop working
- Fixed bug which caused Tower/Scaffold block counter to disappear when ShaderESP was enabled
- Fixed NullPointerException in Scaffold
- Fixed Nuker trying to break unbreakable blocks in survival mode
- Fixed CPS calculation being off in AutoClicker and Trigger
- Fixed .xray command
- Fixed WallClimb preventing the player from climbing up ladders/vines
- Fixed CustomHUD images looking pixelated
- Fixed CPS timing issues in KillAura

- Implemented new CapesAPI (
- Sped up scrolling speed in CustomHUD panels
- Merged WaterFly module with LiquidWalk (mode AACFly)
- Merged WallGlide module with WallClimb (mode AACGlide)
- Added Giant spawn egg to creative inventory
- Added Border setting to NameTags
- Added wallpaper menu to main menu
- Improved messages of .toggle command
- Added DelayedBlock setting to KillAura (waits one tick before blocking, required on Hypixel)
- BufferSpeed no longer speeds up when holding jump key
- BufferSpeed now resets after the player was flagged
- Added PlaceTiming setting to Tower/Scaffold
- Sneak no longer spams packets while standing still
- Improved Blink
- Added SlientEagle setting to Scaffold
- Added ResourceSpoof module which prevents the server from detecting that the user did not download their texture pack
- Tab auto complete can now be used for friend aliases
- Added KeepAlive module
- Nuker will now break the block below the player last in survival mode
- Nuker will now break the nearest block first in survival mode

- Fixed keybinds and values of ScriptAPI modules resetting after executing .reload
- Fixed floatValue.set(x) not working if x was an Integer
- Fixed setting values of ScriptAPI modules with commands
- Added ability to add ArrayList tags to modules

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