LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b70


By Senk Ju 30 January 2020 15:51

Administrator · 828 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b70 has been released!

- Fixed Tower spamming block place packets (Fixed auto bans on various servers).
- Fixed AutoArmor not being able to compare non-armor items in armor slots.
- Fixed HypixelBoost Fly not showing mark.
- Fixed NullPointerException in BlockESP.
- Fixed StorageESP Outline mode affecting HUD colors.
- Fixed ChestStealer not taking tools from chests if player already has an item with higher damage value.
- Fixed AutoArmor ignoring Delay value.
- Fixed bug in ArrayList caused by some Saturation and Brightness values.
- Fixed default position of Armor and Notifications CustomHUD elements.
- Fixed InventoryCleaner replacing item in hotbar with the same item from inventory.
- Fixed wrong position ArrayList Rect when displayed on the left side of the screen.
- Fixed bug in HUD effects element.
- Fixed bug which prevented CustomHUD elements outside the screen to be moved back in.
- Fixed Fucker not showing target block through walls.
- Fixed bug which prevented new accounts from being added to the AltManager when using TheAltening account.
- Fixed InventoryCleaner placing blocks inside hotbar which cannot be used for scaffolding.
- Fixed bug which prevented InventoryCleaner from instantly dropping all items.
- Fixed Velocity flags on AAC when using Speed and Velocity mode AACPush.
- Fixed scoreboard not being shown if HUD is disabled.
- Fixed ChestStealer TakeRandomized not working if Delay was set to 0.
- Fixed ChestStealer not waiting until chest content was received before closing chest.

- Added DuplicateInTab setting to AntiBot.
- Added DuplicateInWorld setting to AntiBot.
- Added tab completion for client commands.
- Added SimulateInventory setting to AutoSoup.
- Added different alignment options to Armor element in CustomHUD.
- Added Rotations setting to ChestAura.
- Added text, rect and background settings to scoreboard CustomHUD element.
- Added setting to Model CustomHUD element.
- Added PortalMenu module which allows you to open menus while standing inside nether portals.
- Added Pearl and Gapple to slot values in InventoryCleaner.
- Renamed various fly modes to more fitting names.
- Renamed Velocity mode Reverse2 to SmoothReverse.
- Improved Velocity mode AACPush.
- Improved AACHop for AAC 3.3.13.
- Improved rotations of ChestAura.
- Improved SkinProtect.
- Re-added Notifications element to default HUD.
- All modules performing inventory tasks now share the same delay timer.
- Current account is now selected by default in AltManager account list.
- AutoArmor now takes durability into account.
- Added easing animations to various HUD elements.

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