LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b54


By Senk Ju 18 July 2018 11:59

Administrator · 831 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b54 has been released!

- Fixed problems with AACPush velocity
- Fixed ChestAura command
- Fixed a bunch of bugs in ProphuntESP, AutoArmor, Scaffold and Fly
- Fixed .friend command syntax

- Removed Glide module (use NCP fly instead)
- Recoded InventoryCleaner (Now supports enchantments, etc.)
- Added InventorySorter to InventoryCleaner
- Improved AutoClicker Jitter
- Improved AimBot
- Added FakeSwing option to KillAura
- Added PredictSize option to KillAura
- Improved KillAura facing verification
- Sneaking now stops BufferSpeed
- Improved Fucker (Replaced ThroughWalls option with list value: None, Raycast, Around)
- Improved client file config system
- Made Scaffold much snoother (Now working diagonally)
- Added TrueSight description and added options to show barriers and entities
- Re-added PokeSpartan fly (Renamed to BugSpartan)
- Added TP-Hop mode to Criticals
- CustomHUD: Added TextShadow option to TabGUI
- Added KillAura PredictSize option
- Improved Hypixel Criticals mode
- Improved Mineplex HighJump
- Added HypixelLatest boost options to Fly

Github Milestone: … 9?closed=1

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