[Release] Yorik's Mineplex settings


By yorik100 26 August 2018 00:18

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Today, I'm officially releasing my settings, those are hyper blatant and very powerful if used wiesely, any bugs can be reported here, this config will allow you to make GWEN look like the worst anti cheat ever made.

(Calibrated) Bypasses : Step (nearly never get kicked/ruber banded, climb up to 40 blocks per second),
multiple speeds :
"Reverse knockback + Strafe will make you literally fly at a extreme speed everytime you'll get hit, if you wanna disable that, set antiknockback to simple
bufferspeed (the one from the default config + fastest ice speed with it)
fastest waterspeed
fastest Speed mode that allows you to strafe"
wallclimb (jump into a block then press spacebar to get to the top of anything you want),
fastbow (/!\ do not hold right click, just press it like once every 1-2 seconds)
anything that the default LiquidBounce Mineplex settings were bypassing (Tower, Scaffold, Criticals, ...)
Extra : TNTBlock fixed

Command :

.settings https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yorik100/Settings/master/Mineplex

Admin note

Fixed command formatting on mobile devices

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