LiquidBounce 1.8.x PingSpoof


By Jam 13 December 2018 00:16

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Small little bug
When using pingspoof command:
.pingspoof <maxdelay, mindelay>

[LiquidBounce] responds back with:
Spammer <maxdelay, mindelay> was set to x.

It doesn’t bother me very much but just wanted to give a heads up I guess...

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By Teals53 13 December 2018 01:50

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I open this from githup

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By Marco09MC 15 December 2018 23:36

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I don't understand what you mean?

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By yorik100 16 December 2018 00:09

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Marco09MC wrote

I don't understand what you mean?

Ex : ".pingspoof maxdelay 10" will return to "Spammer maxdelay set to 10" but it's only visual