This would make the liquidbounce very good.


By Survi_G 25 February 2019 13:13

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Survi_G wrote
Infinite reach as Jigsaw Client
TpAura "SRC"
add autoblockrange / blockrange as Lucid Client
BookHack OpBook as Wurts Client or Creeper Client
SignHack OpSign as Wurts Client or Creeper Client
ChestStealer no move and no hit option
Add ForceOp as Wurst Client 
PinCrack  "SRC"
Proxy mode
InstantPick "SRC"
Add Opcion disable autoreconnect
Add in inventory option disable killaura / cheststealer
OnGround Custom Speed
Inventory Animation as Zeroday Client
Add AACLongJumpFix as Slowly Client
NoFall Cubecraft  ((INSTALLED))
More custom Speed
AutoRegister /register 12345 12345  "SRC"
Auto gapple mode legit mode packets as Sigma Client
AutoPot onGround ((INSTALLED))
Scaffold add Option Tower
Fly timer for every fly
Fastuse custom timer or packet number (example : when food is mid-eat then insta eat the last remaining time)
Highjump/Longjump timer
Custom fly
FastBow not in air, custom delay, custom packets (example : firing the arrow when the bow is mid charged and insta fire it right after)
SuperKnockBack delay between knockback hits, numbers of packets per second
Instant Nuker
Do not attack when eating option
Do not attack when bow pointing
Do not attack when flying
Do not attack when having ClickGUI open
HeadRotation full body rotation
New SwingAnimation animation option
Other style of ClickGUI
Fucker add Option teams
StaffAlert "SRC"  "SRCV2"
NaruxVace glide
FastBreak breaking faster blocks instead of breaking them when reaching that % of broken stage
Cake, Egg and Bed ESP 
Zoot Fix NoAir "Flying is enabled"
Regen Fix NoAir "Flying is enabled"
add Derp Switch mode for bypass servers
add HackerGuiDetect as Jigsaw Client

sorry for mi bad english

By ksenomorf 2 March 2019 04:32

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What's the point of bumping this thread? Marco probably won't add this requests, especially with provided "code", skidded from other clients.