LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b41


By Senk Ju 11 March 2018 16:08

Administrator · 782 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b41 has been released!

- Shaders are now working again
- AutoSettings will now change KillAura MaxCPS
- Fixed RandomCenter Bug in KillAura
- Fixed a bug that occured when ArrayList was both in uppercase letters and on the left
- Fixed a bug with InvMove
- Fixed .aimbot fov command
- Fixed .reload command
- Added AutoFish description

- Added Hypixel LowHop
- KillAura TurnSpeed has now a max and a min value
- Added KillAura random center option
- TrueSight now shows barrier blocks
- Added CustomHUD Reset button
- Moved CustomHUD buttons to the top
- Added KillAura BlockRate oprion
- Spammer has now a min and max delay
- ArrayList tag colors can now be customized
- Added TabGUI Uppercase option
- Added TabGUI TextFade option
- TNTBlock now automatically switched to a sword
- Added Zoot BadEffects and Fire options
- Added NoAir option to Zoot
- Added Variables to Spammer ( … ssues/1148)
- Added Rewinside Teleport Fly (by Troll1337)

Github Milestone: … d=1&page=1

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