LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b67


By Senk Ju 1 January 2020 16:21

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LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b67 has been released!

- Fixed .friend command not showing syntax for .friend clear
- Fixed edit mode of text elements sometimes stying enabled after closing CustomHUD
- Fixed Scaffold and Tower trying to place blocks outside of world border
- Fixed main menu background particles not working if background was not enabled
- Fixed AutoClicker left delay being affected by right delay
- Fixed Fucker not swinging hand if Instant mode was enabled
- Fixed .reload command not reloading fonts
- Removed debug messages and Apple mode from KeepAlive
- Fixed KillAura trying to AutoBlock even when not holding a sword if DelayAutoBlock was enabled
- Fixed pressing tab in chat sometimes crashing the client
- Fixed KeepAlive description

- Added prefix command to change command prefix
- NoSlow is now completely customizable
- Fixed some AntiCheats flagging LiquidBounce's rotation with 'GCD' checks
- URLs in LiquidChat can now be clicked
- LongJump is now easier to control
- KillAura now calculates reach from the nearest point of the target entity's hitbox
- Improved Hypixel NoFall
- Interpolated movement of ESPs and Fly/KillAura marks
- Made tracer and ESP lines smoother
- Added ClientSide setting to NoPitchLimit
- Added NoSlowBreak module which slowsdown block breaking when player is not on ground (for NoGround modules)
- Main menu background settings will now be saved
- Tracers now change color based on distance
- Removed FarmKingBot module
- Added Range setting to CivBreak
- Added hurt time check to SuperKnockback
- Added hurt time check to Criticals
- Friend aliases can now contain spaces
- Removed RazerKeyBoard module (Script with same functionality can be downloaded here)
- Removed RCON bruteforcer (Stand-alone tool can be downloaded here)
- Removed GUIControl bruteforcer
- Changed syntax of panic command to .panic <category>/panic all
- Removed MultiMode from KillAura
- Skin settings will now be restored after disabling SkinDerp
- Added NoDetectable setting to InventoryMove
- Added localsettings delete <name> subcommand

- Improved performance of ArrayList and text elements

- Added onStep, onStepConfirm, onWorld and onSession events

Github Milestone: … 2?closed=1

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