LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b68


By Senk Ju 1 January 2020 23:30

Administrator · 828 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b68 has been released!

- Fixed strafing in AimBot (now bypasses AAC4)
- Fixed module commands saying ..<command> instead of .<command> in chat
- Fixed broken slider texture in music & sounds menu
- Fixed LiquidBounce sending movement packets incorrectly
- Fixed visual glitch in ArrayList
- Fixed ScriptAPI not catching all errors
- Fixed CivBreak
- Fixed NameTags font being black if entity is behind blocks
- Fixed syntax for LocalSettings delete sub-command not showing

- AimBot Lock setting is now enabled by default
- Added RotationStrafe setting to KillAura
- Added syntax message to panic command
- Added SafeWalk setting to Scaffold
- Added Swing setting to CivBreak
- CivBreak no aims at the block before starting to break it

Github Milestone: … 3?closed=1

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