LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b71


By Senk Ju 23 February 2020 14:30

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LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b71 has been released!

- Fixed session login not switching back to Mojang authentication.
- Fixed NullPointerException caused by Skull setting in SkinProtect.
- Fixed NullPointerException caused by Velocity when joining a world.
- Fixed bug in AutoArmor which made Hotbar setting not work properly most of the time.
- Fixed command shortcuts not saving.
- Fixed bug in distance calculation of Fucker.
- Fixed Super Secret Settings not working properly.
- Fixed NoScoreboard not working when HUD is disabled.
- Fixed bugs in .give command.

- AutoSettings now support 'unchat <message>' function to display unformatted text.
- Added 'targetPlayers' as an alias for 'targetPlayer'.
- Added JumpHeight setting to Step.
- Added MotionNCP mode to Step.
- Added SpoofTicks setting to AutoWeapon.
- Added Step mode to FastStairs.
- Added AAC3.3.13 mode to FastStairs.
- Added AAC3.6.4 mode to Tower.
- Added .hide command allowing to the user to hide modules from the ArrayList.
- Added OnMove setting to Timer.
- Added delay setting to AntiBot settings LivingTime and WasInvisible.
- Added '%velocity%' variable to CustomHUD.
- Toggle command can now actively enable or disable a module.
- Step will now send Jump achievement packet.
- Renamed FastClimb modes to more fitting names.
- Renamed FastStairs modes to more fitting names.
- Improved FastClimb Clip mode.
- Fixed flags on certain AntiCheats caused by FastStaits when walking down stairs.
- Fixed Tower flags on Hypixel.
- Added TNT and banners to Tower/Scaffold item blacklist.
- Improved distance calculation.
- KillAura rotations can now be disabled by setting RotationSpeed to 0.

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