LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b55


By Senk Ju 22 September 2018 22:18

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LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b55 has been released!

- Fixed PortScanner displaying a wrong amount of scanned ports
- Added Windows NewLines (\r\n) to PortScanner exports (NotePad should now properly format them)
- Fixed several over PortScanner bugs
- Fixed color issues inside the AltManager screen
- Fixed wrong chat output of Fucker when ThroughWalls is enabled
- FastBow should now be working properly when AimBot is enabled
- Fixed some messages being displayed corrupted when FontChat is enabled
- InvSorter no longer swaps the sword in the hotbar with one from the inventory if they are the same
- InvSorter no longer interferes with crafting
- Fixed BookFlood Crasher
- Fixed seed randomiziation bug
- Fixed ressource pack exploit
- Fixed problems with Discord RPC
- Fixed performance problem when disabling FastRender
- Fixed NullPointerException that occured when entering a world with Velocity enabled
- Fixed KillAura FakeSwing
- Fixed position of circle in connecting to server GUI
- Fixed problems with Step Jump mode
- Fog can now be disabled again

- Improved PortScanner exports
- Improved AACPush velocity
- Added Packet mode to NoFall
- Improved Mineplex Speed
- Renamed several module modes
- Added Guardian/VeltPVP HighJump (Credits: Fryhyi)
- Added Mark option to BowAimBot
- Added Packets option to FastBow
- Added BowAimBot PredictSize slider
- Removed AACPortHop Speed mode
- Removed old GommeHD BHop/LongJump
- Removed old CubeCraft Speed mode
- Improved HClip Command
- Removed TimerSpeed (Use Timer option instead)
- Added StopMove option to Sneak
- Timer will now be automatically disabled when leaving a world/server
- Removed Tower LowJump mode and added JumpMotion slider instead
- Added TeleportHeight, Delay, Ground sliders and NoMotion option to Tower
- Added OutBorder option to KillAura
- Improved KillAura facing

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