LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b56


By Senk Ju 8 October 2018 18:49

Administrator · 831 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b56 has been released!

- Fixed TrueSight barrier option
- Fixed lags caused by PingSpoof
- Fixed BufferSpeed trying to speed inside water
- FastBow and BowAimBot no longer interfere with each other
- Fixed bug in NoFall
- Fixed massive memory leak caused by ESP
- Fixed NameProtect
- Fixed KillAura PriorityMode Health
- Fixed chat output of several commands
- SuperKnockBack no longer causes block glitches when using Scaffold on AAC servers

- CustomHUD: Added RandomBrightness option to ArrayList
- CustomHUD: Added RandomSaturation option to ArrayList
- CustomHUD: Renamed TextPosition property to TextY
- CustomHUD: Added TextHeight slider to ArrayList
- Updated default LiquidBounce HUD
- Added Radius slider to Nuker
- Improved KillAura AutoBlock (now bypassing on CubeCraft)
- Added CheckerClimbMotion slider to WallClimb
- Renamed AutoSword to AutoWeapon and added support for all weapons
- Added ChestTitle option to ChestStealer
- InventoryCleaner no longer throws away water buckets and soups
- Removed VeltPVP HighJump ( … ssues/2435)
- Improved ShaderESP and added Shader option to StorageESP and ItemESP
- Added Glow ShaderESP to ESP, ItemESP and StorageESP
- StorageESP now shows Minecarts with chests
- Removed EmptyMessage module
- Improved FrameBuffer for ShaderESPs
- Added faster NCPHop bypass
- Added faster AAC 3.5.0 BHop bypass
- Replaced PingSpoof Delay slider with MinDelay and MaxDelay sliders
- Renamed BowAimbot TargetMode to Priority
- Added Priority Health option to BowAimBot
- Renamed FastClimb Bypass setting to Mode

Github Milestone: … 1?closed=1

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