LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b57


By Senk Ju 14 October 2018 15:07

Administrator · 831 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b57 has been released!

- Fixed several bugs caused by Shader ESPs
- Fixed lag caused by the BetterPVP mod
- Fixed problems with PingSpoof
- Fixed NullPointerException caused by KillAura
- Fixed NullPointerException caused by WallClimb
- Fixed WallCLimb not working properly

- Replaced LiquidScript with JavaScript scripting API
- Added SetPos mode to VClip module
- Changed default ShaderGlow-Radius value of ESP to 2.3
- Added infinite CubeCraft Fly Bypass (by Scorpion3013)
- Improved XRay
- Moved AAC 3.3.12 Step mode to WallClimb
- Changed default TextHeight of ArrayList to 11
- Added water check to AAC3.5.0 speed mode
- Renamed ESP Shader mode to ShaderOutline
- Changed ItemESP default mode to Box

Github Milestone: … 2?closed=1

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