Combine modules into a mode.


By InsertUsernameHere 20 November 2018 12:10

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I have a customish fly that bypasses FaithfulHCF and possibly other HCF servers, it involves:

Highjump | Mode: Vanilla | Height: 5.00 |
Longjump | Mode: NCP | Boost: 9.86 |

It's basically a Longjump Fly

I would like to be able to put them all into a mode for fly because I don't really know how to work scripts etc
I would like to use Longjump as a separate module on Faithful, but I cant because it's required for the fly to be fast.


By InsertUsernameHere 20 November 2018 12:12

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*Or add the option to bind 1 module to two different keybinds if possible


By soulplexis 20 November 2018 18:36

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they (probably) will add localbinds soon, you COULD unbind fly and bind all those to the same key

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