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By Sms_Gamer_3808 1 December 2018 05:57

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Hello! My name is Shoghi (yes, it is: … 8&oe=UTF-8) and I wan't a few things changed. First of all, I would like the ability do disable the discord thingamabob: 28bmNaH.png
I would also like a custom fly hack, like with timer, downrate (?, basically how much it goes down, then goes back up), a glide rate, timer ext. and more custom speed like custom 3YPorts-minijumpthings after like 3 jumps, custom on-ground an in-air speed, ext. I think these options would be AMAZING. Also, everything (almost) from wurst (e.g. tunneler, autobuild-structures, ext) and stuff from skillclient (nbt editor hacks (creative mode), nbt viewer, ext). Please. Kthx.

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By DrDesten / EZhacks YT 4 December 2018 17:29

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For NBT stuff you can use NBTEditor.
Just search on google

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