Timolia Config and Anticheat


By blackster0915 9 December 2018 00:04

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Hey folks,
im wondering if somebody can find out which anticheat the German server Timolia (play.timolia.de) uses. They use a pretty good anticheat, not a single LiquidBounce autosetting works, you get banned very fast. So my questions are:
- Which anticheat is Timolia using?
- Could you make a Timolia config for the next LiquidBounce version?
Thx for any replies. Dont comment on my english pls, im German :^)


By icewormy3 9 December 2018 00:39

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i found a way to bypass the killaura checks, type in the chat .config aac and turn on antibot. in antibot, turn on tab, entityID, Color, Ground, Air, InvalidGround, Swing, Derp, WasInsvisible, Armor, and NeedHit. make sure LivingTime, Health, and Ping is off. TabMode should be set to contains if it isnt already