LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b60


By Senk Ju 19 December 2018 21:54

Administrator · 831 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b60 has been released!

- Fixed syntax mistake in .pingspoof command
- Fixed a bug which allowed servers to invoke client commands
- Fixed NullPointerException in Phase module
- Fixed small bugs in ShaderESP module
- Fixed Scaffold SpeedModifier bug when player was in mid-air
- Fixed bugs in Ignite
- Fixed bug which caused BufferSpeed to speed up the player when touching a wall only one block high
- Fixed bug which caused .reload command not to call onDisable in ScriptAPI modules
- Fixed typing error in CustomHUD
- Fixed wrong color in .bind command syntax
- Fixed wrong color in .friends command which occured when having 0 friends
- Fixed BungeeCord Spoof
- Fixed bug which caused TabGUI animations to break on occasions

- Removed HypixelLoweHop as it no longer bypasses
- Added new HypixelHop
- Improved AutoPot module
- Added module which allows the user to see the click event of chat components by hovering over them (for (Chinese) servers which require the user to send a certain command for verification)
- Added Vanilla & Mineplex FullBlock Phase (Credits: yorik100)
- Improved MineplexGround speed (no longer have to manually select an empty slot)
- Added KillAura MaxTarget Setting
- Added button which allows reconnecting with a random username when getting banned/kicked on a cracked server
- Added ResetXZOnToggle and ResetYOnToggle Booleans to Speed
- Replaced KillAura PredictSize with MaxPredictSize/MinPredictSize
- Added "Flying is not enabled" Bypass to Fly for Vanilla servers
- Added .scriptmanager command (
- Added TNTEsp
- Added SameY Option to Scaffold
- Added AirStrafe Option to Scaffold
- Added Ignore Option for each slot in InventoryCleaner/InventorySorter
- Added AutoJump Option to LongJump/HighJump
- Added Counter Option to Tower (Counts available blocks)
- Added JumpDelay Slider to Tower
- Added Timer Slider to Tower
- Ignite will now also use Lava buckets to set targets on fire
- Added ItemDelay Slider to InventoryCleaner
- Added saveall subcommand to .localsetting command
- AutoSettings can now manage keybinds (<module> bind <key/none>)
- Improved Fucker and ChestAura
- Added Range Slider to ChestAura
- Added ThroughWalls Option to Nuker
- Updated TheAltening API to v3
- Added AutoCloseDelay Slider to ChestStealer
- Added clear subcommand to .binds command
- Added .friends as alias command for .friend
- Moved CreativeTab Heads source to our GitHub repo as HeadDB seems to be down

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