LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b61


By Senk Ju 10 February 2019 21:25

Administrator · 831 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b61 has been released!

- Fixed bug in PotionSaver
- Fixed bug which caused TabGUI animation to stop working sometimes
- Fixed bug in TheAltening integration which occured when a login fails
- Fixed bug in localautosettings command
- Fixed bug in Phase
- Fixed bug which caused MineplexSpeed to not switch back to the currently hold item when being disabled

- Added FreeHypixel fly bypass (Disables movement checks for a short period of time)
- Added options to AntiBlind (eg. fire)
- Fucker, CivBreak and Scaffold rotations can now be disabled
- Added damage mode to HighJump
- Added CubeCraft NoFall
- Improved CubeCraft Fly
- Added CloseOnFull option to ChestStealer
- AACPush Reduce values can now be changed
- Improved AAC 3.3.13 speed
- Random Alt button will now also use TheAltening API
- Added fasterHypixel Fly bypass (damage)
- Improved error reporting in TheAltening GUI
- Added OnlyGround option to AutoPot
- Added Wiki button to ScriptManager GUI

Github Milestone: … 6?closed=1

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