New Category with LB Script


By summr. 6 March 2019 15:29

Member · 1 comments

Hey, is it possible to create a new category where I can then move my script?


By icewormy3 6 March 2019 15:43

Member · 1,158 comments

I don't think its possible to create your own category


By drkeousek 6 March 2019 15:54

Member · 47 comments

Will be nice ,if will be possible own category for scripts..., too will be nice, if you can do some clickgui settings and some possibility create own under modules? (Like more in one?)


By Elelrxi 6 March 2019 16:03

Member · 229 comments

That would be pretty cool to have


By Turtl 6 March 2019 18:57

Banned · 479 comments

nope, but i want an clickgui settings aka right click and options in lb script

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