MC alts


By blackster0915 15 March 2019 18:47

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Hey guys,
currently im getting my alts from the discord from skorpion313 (thx man love you <3), but most of the alts are hypixel banned or "security alert" banned. Is there any opportunity or free alt generator that gives me more working hypixel alts (from the discord i get maybe 1 out of 100 alts that is not banned on hypixel)
thx for answers guys


By icewormy3 15 March 2019 19:11

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sorry, since they are free alts, people are gona use them to hack on hypixel or the account will be logged in from different ips and get banned for security. unfortunately, you will have to buy hypixel alts to play on hypixel. In rare cases, the free alt will work on hypixel.


By ThomCrafter 16 March 2019 12:46

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alts from are working fine for me even if you have to generate two or three