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By soulplexis 27 March 2019 20:04

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1. How do you MAKE the player use the item (not detect) mc.thePlayer.isUsingItem = true doesn't work
2. How do you get the server address the player is connected to? like "if(address == "")" but what is it?
3. How do you swing the arm but in the "legit" way So that the player attacks what is infront of them?
4. How do you check if a module is on or off? (already made a variable for it)

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By Shiv3R 28 March 2019 16:20

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1. it isn't mc.thePlayer.isUsingItem == true it is mc.thePlayer.isUsingItem  > 0 dumbling
2. not possible in JS
3. mc.thePlayer.gameSettings.keyBindAttack.pressed =true;
4. do function for it etc

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