LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b63


By Senk Ju 12 July 2019 14:01

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LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b63 has been released!

- Fixed Welcome Screen not showing up when launching LiquidBounce for the first time
- Fixed bug which made it impossible to login to an account from TheAltening after using MCLeaks
- Fixed BowAimBot target marker not disappearing after the entity died
- Fixed visual bugs in multiple main menus UIs
- Fixed AltManager sub-UIs not being able to change the status message
- Fixed animation of disabled buttons
- Fixed server side rotations affecting priorities when using BowAimBot
- Fixed bug in Tower which caused autobans on CubeCraft
- Fixed bug which caused Fullbright not disable properly
- Fixed TabGUI having wrong default colors
- Fixed Sneak mode Legit
- Fixed PingSpoof preventing the player from respawning

- Renamed .damage command to .hurt (To prevent it from being overridden)
- Added CheckServerSideOnlyGround setting to Sprint
- Fixed LiquidWalk Dolphin mode flags on NCP
- Added Lock and Center settings to AimBot
- Added %serverIp% variable to CustomHUD
- ServerCrasher and ConsoleSpammer will now automatically be disabled after disconnecting
- Added PEX setting to Crasher
- Improved AAC 3.3.13 Hop Speed
- Added Vanilla mode to LiquidWalk
- Fixed TNTBlock Fuse slider (for
- Accounts can now be added by pressing Enter
- Renamed all id settings to ID
- MCLeaks GUI is now using our custom FontRenderer
- Replaced email:password field in AltManager with clipboard button
- Improved Discord RPC
- Added Size setting to NameTags
- Added CustomSpeed setting to FastUse
- Added more blocks to Scaffold/Tower AutoBlock blacklist
- Added OnJump setting to Tower
- Account generators are now enabled by default
- Added KeepRotation setting to Tower
- Added DynamicBowPower setting to Projectiles
- Added Rotations setting to Tower

- Added support for missing module events in ScriptAPI (onAttack, onJump, onPacket)
- Added module.SetValue and module.getValue methods to ScriptAPI
Docs: … om-Modules … i/Managers

- Replaced old LiquidChat Java backend with new one written in Rust
- Improved rotations of KillAura, Tower, Scaffold, etc.
- Improved value system
- Added automatic module command generator
- AltManager logins are now asynchronous (No longer lag the game while logging in)
- Updated TheAlteing API
- Commands are now sorted alphabetically (.help)

Github Milestone: … 8?closed=1

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