How to install LiquidBounce


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How to install LiquidBounce

You might want to consider using the official LiquidBounce launcher which makes the process of installing LiquidBounce much shorter. It can be found here:

Video Installation Tutorial

Text Installation Tutorial
Installing LiquidBounce is very easy. This tutorial will guide you through all the steps necessary; from downloading to using it.
The instructions in this thread will be limited to installing LiquidBounce for Minecraft 1.8.9 but the process is the same for LiquidBounce 1.12.2

Downloading LiquidBounce
1.) Visit and scroll down until you reach the download section.
2.) Click the button labeled 'Minecraft 1.8.9'.
3.) Wait until the countdown runs out and then press 'Skip AD'.
4.) On the download page, click the download button (It might ask you to solve a Captcha before the download starts).
5.) Once the file is downloaded, extract it to your desktop.

Downloading and installing Forge
Since LiquidBounce is a mod, Forge has to be installed in order for it to work. Installing Forge is very straightforward and easy to do.
1.) Visit, expand the spoiler saying '1.8' in the panel on the left and select '1.8.9'.
2.) Download the recommended version of Forge 1.8.9 for your operating system.
3.) Open up the Minecraft launcher and make sure Minecraft 1.8.9 is installed properly. If it is not, install it. Otherweise Forge will not let you proceed with the installation.
4.) Run the Forge installer, leave everything as it is (except you know what you are doing) and click 'OK'.
5.) Once Forge has been successfully installed, close the installer.

Installing LiquidBounce
Now that Forge is installed, we can proceed with the actual installation of LiquidBounce.
1.) Open up the Minecraft launcher again and make sure, the profile Forge created during its installion is selected.
2.) Run the game once, then close it.
3.) Locate your mods folder. On Windows it usually can be found at the following location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods
4.) Move the file called 'liquidbounce.jar' from your desktop into the mods folder.
5.) That is it! LiquidBounce should now be installed. To make sure everything is working, open up the launcher and run the game again.

Optional: Installing Optifine
Depending on how powerful your computer is, it might be useful to install the mod called Optifine which will significantly improve LiquidBounce's performance. The process of installing it is very similar to the one of LiquidBounce.
1.) Visit
2.) Scroll down until you find Optifine for Minecraft 1.8.9.
3.) Download the latest release of it (at the time of this tutorial's creation it is OptiFine 1.8.9 HD U I7.
4.) Place the downloaded jar file inside the mods folder as well.
5.) Optifine should now be installed. To confirm that, run Forge and have a look at the video settings. If it says 'Optifine' in the bottom left corner of the screen, it should be working.

Updating LiquidBounce
Updating LiquidBounce is very simple. Everytime we release a new version of LiquidBounce, it notifies you about that after being launched. To install the update, just repeat the steps from above and replace the old LiquidBounce file.

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