LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b64


By Senk Ju 1 September 2019 04:05

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LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b64 has been released!

- Fixed KillAura rotations being out of border when moving too quickly
- Fixed HUD being disabled by default
- Fixed NoSlow and FastUse not working with milk buckets
- Fixed CustomHUD images not loading after restarting the client
- Fixed AAC 3.3.15 NoFall crashing the game when playing in a singleplayer world
- Fixed KillAura CPS being limited by Minecraft ticks
- Fixed anvil sound not playing when setting a module value with commands
- Fixed crash that occured when reloading the client after deleting a script
- Fixed escape not working in MCLeaks GUI
- Fixed bug that allowed servers to prevent LiquidBounce from joining (used by
- Fixed timer not resetting when using FastUse
- Fixed lag sometimes caused by InventoryCleaner
- Fixed LiquidBounce thinking it was logged into a cracked account when using LiquidLauncher or legacy launcher
- Fixed .vclip command being overridden by VClip module
- Fixed various typos in module descriptions
- Fixed missing RemoteView command
- Fixed AutoArmor not ignoring ItemDelay when item is in hotbar
- Fixed module.setValue method not working for float values
- Fixed bug in ScriptManager that occured when deleting a script
- Fixed esception in StorageESP

- Renamed VClip module to Clip and added settings for horizontal and vertical teleportation
- Updated main menu
- Removed RemoteView module and instead added .remoteview <target> command
- Improved KillAura hitable handling
- Added Range setting to TNTBlock
- Added .chattoken copy command
- Added ThroughWalls setting to BowAimBot
- Added support for scrolling using page up/down in AltManager

- Added support for onMove and onKey events
- Replaced module.setValue(name, value) with module.getValue(name).set(value) (BREAKING CHANGE!)
- Added support for adding custom values to script modules ( … ule-Values)

Github Milestone: … 9?closed=1

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