LiquidBounce 1.8.9 | b53


By Senk Ju 14 July 2018 01:57

Administrator · 828 comments

LiquidBounce 1.8.9 b53 has been released!

- Fixed problems which sometimes made it impossible to scroll down or click elements in CustomHUD panels
- Fixed a bug with Fucker
- Fixed several problems that caused the ArrayList to render incorrectly

- Added AutoClose option to ChestStealer
- Removed no longer bypassing CubeCraft and Poke fly bypasses
- Added server-side rotations to CivBreak
- Added Air-Reset and Range-Reset options to CivBreak
- Added Mineplex HighJump bypass
- Added Mineplex LongJump bypass
- Added Hypixel Fly bypass
- Renamed LongJump "NoCheat" to "Mode"
- Renamed HighJump "Bypass" to "Mode"

Github Milestone: … 8?closed=1

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